Humidity measurement IR 5000

For the production of particle board, the moisture content of the material used is of paramount importance.

The GreCon Moisture Analyzer IR 5000 is an ideal measuring system that provides the user with the necessary accurate information about moisture in the product.

The constant availability of product properties allows for an easy adjustment of the manufacturing process to ensure a high standard of product quality.

Therefore, moisture control of the material is of the utmost importance. If the material is too moist, quality reductions and a slower production rate will occur.

If it is too dry, valuable energy is lost. In addition to the risk of explosion and fire, the plant may increase.

The GreCon Moisture Analyzer IR 5000 makes production process homogenization possible and also opens up important production reserves. Facilities and their profitability are increasing.

  • Avoiding errors caused by incorrect measurement of moisture
  • Contactless measuring system, measuring chips / fibers in buckets / screws through glass
  • The best quality of measured values, thanks to 7000 measurements per minute
  • The measuring system is supplied pre-calibrated