Dust collector with bag filters NFKZ3000 with chain conveyor

Together with the client, we analyze the specific requirements for each application and propose the technical solution that we think is best. At the request of the client we carry out design, delivery and commissioning of dust collection systems.

Dust collector with bag filters suitable for handling large volumes of air with high levels of contamination.

The NFKZ3000 filter bag dust collector is suitable for outdoor use.

The filter is fitted with an explosion-proof door, and the filter is cleaned by backwashing with a regenerating fan.

– Air volumes of 6000-500 000 m3 / h

– ATEX-certified for St1 and St2 powders with PCT values ​​up to 300 bar m / s

– Compact design

– Designed for continuous operation

– For mounting on the ground or on the roof

– Low power consumption.