Dust collector with bag filters and compressed air MJB

Together with the client, we analyze the specific requirements for each application and propose the technical solution that we think is best.

At the request of the client we carry out design, delivery and commissioning of dust collection systems.

Suitable for collecting most fine powders including metal grinding, welding and most vapors.

The MJB bag filter collector range has been developed for continuous work in the industrial process of filtering and dust collection applications.

Capacity: 680 to 32,000 m3 / h (400 to 19,000 CFM)

– Sturdy waterproof welded steel construction with high temperature capability
-Bulk Food and Feed Processes

– Grinding, Milling, Refrigeration, Drying Mixing, Packaging

– Casting processes – metal smelting, casting, lining

– Cutting and shaping – laser, plasma, mechanical

-Chemistry, plastics and pharmaceutical powders